It’s time to get over that nagging injury and change back to the active person you expect yourself to be.

Imagine confidently keeping up with your active friends and not worrying about an injury or tweak holding you back

But instead you’re sitting at home…
With the voice in your head telling you: My knee pain won’t let me enjoy my adventure vacation
Remembering exercising without a care in the world. Now you’re holding yourself back out of fear.
Wondering, is there something that will make my shoulder pain go away? So far I’ve tried Ice, heat, stretches, massage, salves, creams, yoga, and pain meds.
Thinking aches, pains, and injuries are part of the aging process. Is this true?

Not around here…

Get ready to discover how your nervous system has put the brakes on your body (keeping your foot, knee, and shoulder injury lingering). It’s time to pull the release lever and get back to being you.

“My lower leg and ankle were tight, weak, bound down, and painful after spraining my ankle 5 years ago. It made me scared to challenge myself. Like holding myself back while hiking because of fear the ankle wouldn’t be able to handle it. I thought I was doing the right things, but stretching and strengthening were not enough. Now I’m pain free and I’m able to strengthen the calf muscles, they are no longer blocked by what was going on.

What you do works. It’s the back door to support what needs to be done. Using the nervous system to then access the bones and muscles."

Hi, I'm Dr. Andrea Gallo, PT, DPT

As a fan of most PNW outdoor activities, a modern dancer, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt, and Doctor of Physical Therapy, I help clients figure out why their injuries are persisting so they can turn the corner and get back to enjoying their active lifestyle without limitations.

In my mid-20’s, I was in a small Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) tournament. During the last 30 seconds of the match I suddenly screamed. Turns out my opponent didn’t switch to an armbar like I expected and instead shoved her arm through the bone in my upper arm. My humerus fractured into 3 pieces.

Recovering from this injury was a brutal nightmare and a steep learning curve for how confusing and frustrating health insurance is.

In short, it was seven months with a broken arm. My arm only healed halfway. Two months were spent waiting for my insurance to change. I wanted a surgeon I felt safe with to put a plate in my arm. The HMO surgeon and staff made my gut say, “NO WAY.”

My arm was atrophied and looked like twigs with skin covering it by the time I started physical therapy. When I began to feel strong enough, I slowly returned to BJJ.

This process took over a year and put me on the path to become a Physical Therapist. It’s why I love helping people to stay active.

Fun Facts

As a PT I’ve worked the gamut: clients aged 3 to 101 in schools, outpatient clinics, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities.

Fun Facts

Because of my BA in Dance from UC Santa Barbara, I did dance medicine internships while in PT school. I worked with injured Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School students.

Fun Facts

During sessions you’ll probably hear me saying “That is so exciting!” or something similar with a look of shock and happiness. After 12+ years as a PT I still get blown away by what clients are able to achieve.

Fun Facts

The present to myself for the 20th anniversary of breaking my arm was a fall while skiing. I tore two ligaments in my right knee. Another serious injury to rehab. This tradition better not carry on.

Fun Facts

Standing on the summit of Kilimanjaro shortly after sunrise, seeing elephants, giraffes, lions, and herds of wildebeests while on safari, and swimming with a pod of dolphins while hanging out on the island of Zanzibar was the most epic vacation of a lifetime.

Fun Facts

I graduated from the Olympia Mountaineers Scrambling and Basic Climbing courses. Getting onto the rocks for scrambling and climbing is my favorite.

“Andrea worked with my body as a whole system to alleviate pain and asymmetry that had been nagging my shoulder for months.  She was able to notice small movements and employ a wide range of techniques to help me return to full mobility. I am endlessly grateful for her high level of skill and broad ranging assortment of techniques.“

How I help injured active adults smoothly transition back to living their active lifestyle.

We do one-hour treatment sessions to figure out what is causing your injury to linger by looking at how you move and determining what isn’t working as well as it should. We reset how your brain and body communicate to get rid of the limitations that are holding you back. Then we'll do exercises to progress you back to favorite activities.

A few of the tools used to get you going again.

We’ll be a good team, like Sean Payton and Drew Brees, if…

  • You’ve tried doing all of the right things, but they haven’t gotten you to where you want to be. You know finding the right tool will help you get there.
  • There is an expectation of how active you want to be and you’re willing to put the work in to getting back to it.
  • You’re open to trying a new way of working on getting your body to heal.
  • Personalized care with a holistic approach is more valuable to you than dealing with insurance. To provide you with the best care without restrictions, I’m out-of-network with insurance providers.

“My last session with you was a turning point in the health of my foot. The pain level reduced to negligible, maybe 0.5 (or 1.0 at most) on a 10 point scale.... Not like before where it had my attention all the time. I’m doing group fitness classes three times a week that include lunges. I’ve done a few hikes since I’ve seen you without a problem. I’m still working on my prior level of fitness, and I’m optimistic about being able to do the more strenuous hiking that I used to do. Thanks for your gracious help! “

My legs and arms were very broken out in rashes that were always making me uncomfortable and affecting my sleep. I was panicking that it would take over my entire body. The dermatologist recommended taking multiple bleach baths per week and prescription ointments. In my first session with Andrea, we found that I was reacting to gluten. I stopped eating gluten and my symptoms decreased. After my last session, my arms are rash free and my legs symptoms are minimal. I haven’t needed bleach baths for my skin in months and I’ve reintroduced gluten without flare-ups. I’m sleeping better and the daily discomfort is down. I don’t need emergency cortisone in the car anymore to deal with itchy flare-ups.

I was worried I would get stranded kayaking because of my neck and shoulder pain. This is why I sought out treatment. I’ve tried the chiropractor, massage, and standard PT for relief. These left me needing days to recover afterwards. With P-DTR, after each session I can engage in activity immediately and don’t need recovery time. Now, I don’t feel as stiff and locked up, my range of motion feels better, my pain is down and isn’t holding me back. I kayak for hours regularly now without fear.

I came to Andrea with an old shoulder injury. I had dislocated my shoulder about eight years prior and even though it had healed and I had done some work on it, my range of motion was still limited and it would still ache painfully from time to time. Andrea made me feel very comfortable and listened to when we worked together! She was extremely professional and explained what she was doing during the whole session, which helped me feel more connected to the process and my body. After working with her, my shoulder felt better than it had in years. Andrea gave me some exercises to continue after our session to make sure the work we did together lasted, and now, even a few years later, my range of motion is still improved and I do not have the same aches as before. My shoulder continues to feel way better and my body is overall more comfortable after my work with Andrea! I highly recommend working with her!

I was suffering from severe debilitating pain in my feet for over 4 months. I have plantar fasciitis but the pain that got a hold of my feet felt like a burning rubbing fire that seriously affected my ability to complete all things. I needed to take so many breaks since the pain from standing was excruciating. I had tried changing my shoes, using insoles, tens, massage, OTC pain medication and icing with no lasting results. Nothing provided more than a couple hours of relief. My friend recommended I give P-DTR a try. It was one of the best decisions I have made! Andrea Gallo is amazing at this technique and is super nice, knowledgeable and a miracle worker. In just one session, the pain decreased significantly. After several sessions, the pain had disappeared all together. It has been over a year and I still have not suffered from pain like that again. It truly felt like voodoo magic! I never really understood how it worked but it magically made the pain disappear. I was dumbfounded how this completely painless technique could make such notable differences with my posture and gait. A few taps, pokes and snaps allowed me to be able to regain my movement and ability to go about my day with feet that were pain free!. The best way to describe P-DTR is pure magic!

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